Learn how to deliver clear, organized, powerful presentations. Analyze model presentations, understand what works and what does not work, and apply the elements of effective presentations to your own career.


English Jump teaches a step-by-step approach to strong presentations. First, master the essential presentation framework: low-tech poster presentations. Second, utilize computer technology for special effects: high-tech, PP presentations.


Presentation Skills Pricing:

Core Presentation Skills, 3 levels: Foundation, Advanced, Digital Media

( PEOPLE : YEN per 6-hour course )
1 or 2 : ¥40,000 / 3 or 4 : ¥50,000 / 5 or 6 : ¥60,000

After registering for one course, a 15% discount applies to all other courses.

Corporate Courses

English Jump teaches core presentation skills that are needed in every profession. Our unique added value is our careful consultation and needs analysis, all content customized to client requirements, practical application of all skills, and comprehensive exit testing to ensure successful learning outcomes.

Client-site location or at our training center, English Jump delivers solutions.

Sample Course 1 – Customized

Academic Research

All English Jump courses are based on rigorous academic research. Pedagogical development and field-testing takes place at top universities:

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